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What is Michigan Comics Network?
Michigan Comics Network is an organization for people who create comics. It doesn’t matter whether you put them online, produce them as mini-comics, get them professionally printed, or even just scribble them in your notebook. We have no strict membership requirements; hangers-on are also welcome. We currently meet once a month, mostly to hang out, talk about comicsy stuff, kick out some jams (comics, not tunes), and plan any collective projects we might have underway. We also hope to serve as a resource for each other, and to help support and promote the creative medium of comics. Members are welcome to participate as much or as little as their time and interest permits. Despite the name, membership is not limited to Michiganders; we’re just trying to provide some geographic focus while casting a wider net than the local comics shop.

How do I become a member?
Participate in the online forum. Show up for meetings. Preferably both, but we understand if you don’t have time for all that. Decision-making for the group is (as much as possible) by consensus. A list of current members can be found on the members page.

How do I contact Michigan Comics Network
The best place to say “hello” is the group’s message board.
You can e-mail for issues related to the web site.

When does Michigan Comics Network meet?
Answer A: The forum is open any time, day or night.
Answer B: We usually get together in person on the first Saturday of the month. See the main page for confirmation of the next meeting time.

Where does Michigan Comics Network meet?
Answer A: In our online forum at
Answer B: We usually meet in Brighton, chosen for its more-or-less demographically central location, within reach of most southern-Michigan population centers. (Folks have been known to drive in from as far as Grand Rapids, metro Detroit, Toledo, Saginaw, and various points in between.) There’s a Panera Bread conveniently located on Grand River Drive just off I-96, where we take over as many tables as needed. (Many of us get sandwiches and/or beverages, but no one there seems to mind that some of us don’t, so don’t feel that you need to budget for “eating out”.)

Panera Bread, Brighton -
Click here for directions.

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