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Archive for September, 2008

Not ENTIRELY comic related, but exciting nonetheless.  I just scored a freelance job working on a tabletop/LARP RPG based in Toledo.  It is HP Lovecraft/ Cthuluhu based horror with some positive mysticism thrown in for fun.  My work is hired out, so I will be finishing up and rounding out color text on ideas that are already established.  I can’t really stretch my leathery wings but I hope having this credit under my belt will lead to better things.

So in summary:  Good news for me, but not comic OR michigan related.  LOL

I’ve been collecting material for my Gustave Verbeek site, and just came across a substantial jackpot: scanned copies of a few years of his “other” strip.  It’s “The Terrors of the Tiny Tads”, which features a group of interchangeable kids, who encountered all sorts of strange creatures whose names are combinations of two words. 

One of the Tads greets an pretzelephant

One of the Tads greets a pretzelephant

For example, there’s a hippopautomobile (a hippopotamus with seats in its body) and hammocking birds (a pair of birds with a hammock connecting them).  The strips are kind of short on story logic much of the time, often introducing one of these creatures just for the sake of showing off the idea, but they’re still bizarrely imaginative.

As you can see, the scans need a bit of clean-up (at least to satisfy my borderline OCD), and unfortunately they’re from black and white reprints not the original color. But they’re good examples of the genius of Uncle Gustave, and demonstrate that he wasn’t just a one-trick pony with the Upside-Downs.