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We’re still working on the book (you know how it goes, my part was done last november…..artists!),  which we had hoped would be done for the convention in May.  Not very likely seeing as it needs to be finished up and printed and such.  Currently only have 16 of 22 pages finished with a couple (3-5) more roughed.  So we’re almost there.  Even if we don’t meet our deadline, I will get the books printed up for the team.

My erstwhile friend in Mississippi and I are working on a project and it is going quite well.  More to come. 

All I can tell you is….Here there be Zombies!

Not ENTIRELY comic related, but exciting nonetheless.  I just scored a freelance job working on a tabletop/LARP RPG based in Toledo.  It is HP Lovecraft/ Cthuluhu based horror with some positive mysticism thrown in for fun.  My work is hired out, so I will be finishing up and rounding out color text on ideas that are already established.  I can’t really stretch my leathery wings but I hope having this credit under my belt will lead to better things.

So in summary:  Good news for me, but not comic OR michigan related.  LOL

I decided to put the Doro project on hold (the one I was sqwaking about earlier).  I have decided to pick Lunchbox back up again.  I think that strips are more appealing to me for some reason than books.  Maybe its the length, committment problems, I dunno.  I will post some pics when I get them scanned in.  Hope everyone has a good Labor Day.  Alas!  I will be working.

I have started work on my new book, the end of the line for my protagonist, unfortunately….or fortunately depending on how you feel.  I have the look of my villian put together.  FInally done with my class and I am at the Happiest Place on Earth (TM), on vacation and kicking back.  I am planning on getting as much done on this book as I can this week and next.  I am off school this week and next and off work next.  so….

but then again, dont fault me if I dont get as much done as planned.  Those of you who have been to the Mouse’s Lair know what I’m talking about. 



I am working on a graphic novel length work in which I deal with the death of one of the primary characters of my comic universe.  However, I have published none of the previous storyline, so its a little ass-backward.